Like everything in this new time, it is all a matter of perspective! Is the cup half full or half empty? Yes, we failed to reach our Kickstarter target but in the past five weeks we have received over 36,000 hits to our website. Wow!

Like the tribal Elders in our film, we put out a call for assistance and nearly 200 amazing people answered our call from all over the world. People mostly who are not known to us, but who felt so moved by what we are doing that they took action and gave.

For us that is a huge success story and we thank each and every one of you dear souls, whether it was a gifting of £5 or £5,000.

Since we failed to reach our kickstarter goal, no monies will be taken from your accounts and we of course received ‘nada’, since the Kickstarter campaign we chose is an 'all or nothing' deal. So our final pleas to each one of you is to ask you to go to the bottom of this page and make your donation directly through our website.

So where do we go from here....

We will then use your generous funds to push forward and continue with the rough edit in these coming weeks. Ben and myself have been sweeping endless interviews and putting final speakers up onto the timeline. We know that what we have here is pure gold, and we want to share it with everyone who has made this film project possible so far.

As various people drift in and out of our 'edit womb', they are witnessing the birthing of this baby. The reaction to our footage has been quite extraordinary and there have been many teary eyes as we view and re-view the material.  I have witnessed this time and time again. So what is it that is moving people so much?

Well, I believe that it is still a rare thing in our society for people to talk directly to our souls, especially through a TV or cinema screen. Our speakers carry a transmission of truth and it truly touches and awakens a part of us that is buried so deep within our unconscious psyche.  We are waking up and remembering.

At this point I have to mention the incredible story narrated by Tobias, who is channeled through a beautiful man known as Geoffrey Hoppe. He'll make you laugh and he'll make you cry and he will definitely open your heart. If you aren't already familiar with the transmissions of Tobias, I thoroughly encourage you to take a look at their website.

Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe's support of this project has been second to none, and has taught me what it is to fully give of yourself with no agenda. They truly are an incredible couple of 'wayshowers' and I am both proud and honoured to bring their 'presence' to the screen.

This has always been a heart-based project. A film about a journey to the heart, funded by the hearts of amazing people, and the story continues...

As a team, we have worked diligently for the past two months to get this campaign rocking and rolling. Most of our crew have worked gratis or for a minimal fee, the remainder being deferred. From where I stand that is truly 'service in action'. A big thanks must go to Marc, one of our Associate Producers, for facilitating our new offices. Bless you Tigs, you're a star... and lastly a big thank you to the rest of our Associate Producers, our post production crew and our wonderful funders to date, all who have given and then given some more, for the simple reason that they want to see this film make it to the screen. Me too!  Thank you guys.

So having really pulled together these past weeks, the production office is now buzzing and we are engaging in talks with new potential funders and we are full of new creative ideas of how to get this film to the next step, so please stay posted and watch out for our next update.

And remember....

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break your bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world." (Patanjali)