So here we are - St Valentines Day ... a day for celebrating lovers. But what about celebrating the love we have for ourselves? No really ... beyond elderflower champagne and raw chocolate pampering, I'm talking about the holy moly wake up call of a far deeper nature... by shifting the old patterns and beliefs held deep within our bodies, we can give our dna a total 'love all / serve all' makeover.

How strange that in our society, the notion of loving yourself above all else seems such a narcissistic and self-centred act and yet isn't that our ultimate state of being? Centred with self.  Self love. 

Many of us have long been guilty of putting others' interests before their own, thinking they were being selfless, honourable, and generally just a 'nice' person. So have we then been confusing 'service' for 'sacrifice' all these years?  I reflect on what my brother Uqualla once said to me: “I’m not here to be liked.  I am here to fulfil my destiny.”

And how is this relevant to the film, you might ask...?

Well Tobias, our guide and narrator, tells us that “ascension occurs in the moment that we truly surrender to the love of ourselves.” Yep it's that simple! So if you haven't already gone 4th dimensional yet.... go for it.  Ascend already!     Happy Valentines Day.