Desmond Tutu, Charles Eisenstein, Polly Higgins, David Icke, Drunvalo Melchisidek, Uqualla, Rev Peter Owen-Jones, Credo Mutwa, Tom Kenyon, Michael Tellinger, Sadhguru, Dawn Eagle Woman, Carl Calleman, Maestro Tlakaelel, Ruben Saufkie, Philip Carr-Gomm, Lynne Franks, Jonette Crowley, White Eagle, Constance Demby, Caroline Carey, Ya’Acov Darling Khan  & Adam Yellowbird….who are joined by many more wonderful brothers & sisters sharing their wisdom.


“Just before the invasion of Iraq.  Do you remember the millions who came out?  It started out in the East and it was like waves of humanity.  And it was people who could quite easily have said this has got nothing to do with me.  They didn’t, they didn’t – they said we care we want to give peace a chance.  Most people want peace.” (Desmond Tutu)


“How could we change money so that it is aligned with the principals of the gift, so that if you want to stay wealthy you cant just keep it, but you have to circulate it, you have to put it out there in a way that will benefit other people.” (Charles Eisenstein)


“Fracking is a very good example of the huge disconnect at play. It is an enormous desecration of our land and polluting of our waters. It is also a mirror of society at large … It is also our gift and opportunity to say, let’s choose another way. It is our time.” (Polly Higgins)


“Reality ain’t gonna change, our perception of reality is going to change” (David Icke)


“We absolutely have to combine with the elders, with the ancient ones, otherwise we wont know how to move in the future in a harmonic way (9:06) so that we can be stabilised and live there.  It’s essential.”  (Drunvalo) 


“This 3 dimensional time is so quickly passing.  We cannot exist in this new time if we allow for the present to maintain its status quo.” (Uqualla) 


“We’re beginning to realise that the limits of our imagination in the past are not sufficient to take us forward into the future, and we need to imagine again. We need to dream again.”(Rev Peter Owen-Jones)


We human beings are becoming saviours where we were destroyers before. This is the greatest hope that I see for the human race everywhere. This is the greatest hope for us, the children of the great Earth Mother.” (Credo Mutwa)


“So we have a deep schism in our collective psyche where the feminine principle is dishonoured. There are women who are disenfranchised at all levels of our culture, on this earth at this moment – and this has to be rectified – and this is part of this movement that’s taking place in the midst of the world chaos, is that the feminine has to come in balance to the male principle or we are not going to survive as a species.”  (Tom Kenyon)


“We are here to remember who we are.  That we are infinite souls, we are souls of light, infinite souls, fractals of the divine creation, and we have forgotten that.  And that is why we are trapped in this matrix.” (Michael Tellinger) 


“Right now, we read the newspapers and the way the media is reporting the world – I think the youth will become despondent and frustrated that there is no way to live well on this planet. We should not create that hopelessness in the next generation of people, it is very important the beauty of the world, the beauty of the humanity, the goodness of the humanity, the gentleness of the humanity, the love of the humanity, the compassion of the humanity should also find expression in the media so that there is hope for the youth and that becomes the ideal, not the violence and the negative aspects of life.” (Sadhguru)


“Death is an exhale that can no longer be followed by an inhale – and that is the fear each of us carry, that moment that we know that the body will no longer support the spirit.  Will no longer support life.  That’s what we all fear” (Dawn Eagle Woman) 


“At the current time we are living in a new level when it is pulse by pulse the right brain half that is being strengthened.  Not only will the dominance of the left brain culture come to an end.  But also the dominance of the Western Hemisphere.” (Carl Calleman)


“Sometimes I think I am somebody that we call a spirit that is inside of this body, the one that is talking right now, its not this body it is me they call it the Eagle,  I am a human being, now I am a spirit prisoner in this body and it is only the vehicle where I move, where I work, where I glide through time and space to fulfil this mission that I was given in the moment I was conceived.” (Maestro Tlakaelel)


“The prophesy that says ‘that when the eagle of North America, flies with the condor of south America, then peace will come to earth” (Ruben Saufkie)


“A wonderful quote from Marcel Proust who says ‘the real magic is not in seeking new landscapes, or seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes’ so being able to adopt a magical perspective towards life.” (Philip Carr-Gomm)


“They are not traditionally the areas that are taken seriously in business- Multitasking, Nurturing, Compassion, Intuition and even placing love at the centre of your enterprise.”  (Lynne Franks)


“I think we do a disservice to ourselves and the native people when we copy their ceremonies , or when we keep going back to how it was done.  Take the energy, make it ours, move on.” (Jonette Crowley


“When our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment, then we are like a grounding cord for any information, consciousness, experience that we want to have.” (White Eagle)


“So the future is being created every instant by the choices of the collective consciousness.  As the mass consciousness chooses a certain scenario, we kinda walk down that timeline.” (Constance Demby)


“The grandmothers know the phases of the moon, they know how the earth speaks through  the elements, they are very connected with that and they are teaching us so much of that through their wisdom and their knowledge.” (Caroline Carey)


“Shamans have always had this thing of coming close to death, whilst you are still alive.  And so burial ceremonies, they help us to come into a relationship with death as a force for life.” (Ya’Acov Darling Khan) 


“Between one another we are actually creating that bridge, heart to heart, mind-to-mind, spirit-to-spirit, and then people to people, so you see a lot of what they call the rainbow family coming together “ (Adam Yellowbird)


“Our ancient ones – instead of building churches, they were building astrological places, to understand the cosmos, because we know that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience right now” (Wachan) 


“The sixth sun now is magnetic energy, it’s the moon’s energy, it’s the women’s energy.  So now it’s the time to be in a circle again.” (Eva Cecilia Solis)  


“When the four races come together, the red, the white , the yellow and the black .  And that each one has a piece of the puzzle – without each other we don’t have all of the information. We can’t do it alone.” (Eshua) 


“Its almost like a dial of a radio you know, you can hear about this much at certain frequencies, and as you tune the radio a little bit higher up the dial you hear other radio stations.  Just like brainwaves, which are part of our vibrationary field.  The more frequency you have the more consciousness exists along on different levels of vibration.” (Freddy Silva)


“It no longer can be safely assumed that in a democracy, the government takes care of its people, or of the bottom base basically, but it has become very clear that the government has it’s own agenda.  It’s a power structure, it’s a failing power structure that is no longer supporting it’s own base. The change that is coming  will have to be a change from the bottom up, not from the top down, and there has to be a disengagement from government and the people. (Dietrich Klinghardt)


“The youth of today knows that something drastically wrong is going on.  They’re not stupid.   How do you think they are going to react, to some system that they know is dumb.” (Dr.Stuart Jemeson)  


“To get to the lightbody state or the rainbow body one must shed all the illusions of the self.  All the dogma’s that have held us and limited us.” (John Riley)


“The grandmother holds the seeds of our grandchildren, so we are a seed within a seed within a seed.  We truly are gatekeepers, we stand at the gateway of life and death.” (Jo Crow)