Sound Medicine Music

Awakening Zone
The International Network for Empowered Awakening

Ancient Wisdom Teachings
Offering sacred journeys and seminars on ancient wisdom from indigenous cosmologies,
mystery schools and sacred texts that promote the conscious evolution …

Constance Demby
Travel on a beam of sound to the Heart of the Universe

The Crimson Circle Energy Company Inc
Crimson Circle is a connecting point for humans who are allowing their enlightenment in this lifetime,
supporting the journey from spiritual awakening to embodied mastery.

Dawn Eagle Medicine Woman
Profound healer & facilitator guided by the feminine creative spirit.

Drunvalo Melchizadek
School of Remembering

Gregg Braden
Bridging Science, Spirituality & the Real World

James Tyberonn
Energy Activation of the New Planet Earth

Kaypacha - New Paradigm Astrology

The Pachamama Alliance
Bridging the Indigenous and Modern Worlds

Peace One Day
20 Years of Peace One Day

The Rainbow Serpent Project
The Earth’s Chakras Quest

Rebecca Street
Inventor of innovative wearable technology

Heart Centred T-Shirts
"Our application of 22ct Gold onto garments offers Wearable Medicine. 
The inherent Divine White Light activates an alchemical response within, to restore us...."

Steve & Barbara Rother - The Group
The time has come for keepers of the light throughout the Planet, to step up
and into their power to create the kind of world we’d all like to live in.

Tom Kenyon
Brain/Mind re-education is a scientifically based art form
that transforms consciousness in rapid & elegant ways.

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation
Cultivating unity, peace and earth sustainability through culture and the arts