I have been stunned by the amazing feedback we have received over the years for the film during it’s production and whilst some of these messages were left on our site years ago, I still wanted to honour them as these words are what often kept me going when things got really challenging. 
Thank you for every one of these words.

"…..I have just come from gazing upon the sunset of your soul, my compliments on a fine homepage.  The sweetness of your life is such that it enriches and inspires those blessed to peruse your pages. You are one who has many gifts, i honour your chosen path. Know that your life and work are meaningful and significant. Thank you for your unique spirit and innate abilities for when we share our gifts we create a greater living presence in the universe, thereby connecting us to the divine. You have much to be proud of. Know that your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. I wish you a heart filled with light and a soul bathed in cosmic essence.
May you embrace the sacred flame of eternity as you live in conscious awareness
and may you journey to your highest potential as you create the life you truly desire."
(Michael Teal - 'the ancient one')

"....For me it is not about maintaining spiritual legacies, or repeating spiritual traditions that are representations and expressions of a consciousness that once was. They were appropriate, and fitting at the time. But human consciousness has changed. It isn't where we left off. And so there's no point in going back in an attempt to retrieve, or revive what was. The real adventure is in the Now. For, it is us who are our spiritual predecessors, and "ancestors" - the elders of another time. We are back, with the slumbering wisdom of the ages within us.   We are back, and we are here now. The real task at hand is to remember the timeless essence in the various spiritual traditions we helped to found, and to express them anew in the consciousness of today. It is time for us to consciously dream a new future. “

" Each of us individually, has to walk our own spiritual path, and tend to our own inner consciousness in order to discover the truth and peace known to the true seers. With Time of the Sixth Sun, Nikki shows us some of the sources from which we may find support and a genuine wealth, and nurturing of the inner spirit. It is a question of living correctly according to the natural laws that govern us all as human beings in a natural world. With the growing deadline of 2012 and the warnings from environmentalists, scientists and leaders who genuinely have integrity, a race for sanity is now intensifying. This film prises open the closed doors of conservative spiritual ideas and shows us how to expand our human potential. "
(Richard Beaumont - Kindred Spirit Magazine)

"To me, Nikki's film is a masterfully produced, and powerful way for all of us to come in touch with each our own timeless knowingness. A divine, eternal truth beyond all spiritual traditions. An unprecedented awakening of human consciousness that's already happening."

" Wow, brilliant! In this time of awakening I feel we need a constant reminder, this message is inspiring, one that gives support and guidance, it needs to reach everyone, there are many still clouded as to their role, as a whole in the bigger picture!"

" Dear Nikki and it's powerful team: You've touched thousands of hearts worldwide and your project showed new ways of financing projects related to the Sixth Sun. That's the way it had to be. With love, respect and solidarity.  PS: Elders taught me to talk in past tense of my projects. Its a way to materialise energy as it already happened. "

From Colombia, South America, in the name of my people, a big neo-tribe, we work a lot with this energy, organize several condor-eagle gatherings (working in bringing the Lakota sun dance to the south and taking the ayahuasca power to the north) and establishing an ecovillage, a refuge ... You have friends here.
(El Mono)

" Aloha and O'siyo! I am a Native American author, drum-maker, ceremonial facilitator ... Wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE what you are doing!! It's so important to listen to the prophecies and allow ourselves to open to our place in creating the world we want! "
(Robin Youngblood)

" Today I had a vision during a reiki treatment. I was holding a stick in my hand ... I had absolutely no understanding of this vision until I went on the link to the film trailer (which has been in my mail for 2 weeks, but looked at it just now ... synchronicity) and saw the beating of drums with similar sticks. Thank You. "

" Your work enables and clears the path for us all. I very much look forward to the film. "

" Peace. Your website just came to me today as I had a shift in my prayer... Mantras like: " Waters of the earth sing peace... " " Galactic suns whirling in a cosmic cloud sing gentleness and care for our earth jewel... " "Before Your Great Mystery we bow in adoring love and gratitude and sing Glory". Unfortunately, I am at present a homeless Nun and Hermitess trying to survive the noise and dissonance of today's civilization. I have no funds to send, but do send my gratitude for this film - so needed for our world today. I spent 8 years in Africa and the last 15 discovering the riches of our Native Americans. So it is heartening to see the scope of elders you have gathered to share wisdom. There is a beautiful mountain here where the condor and eagle are etched in the stone of Tahquitz. Among the Cahuilla, they are already one. It is an awesome place
and I feel privileged to pray there and to unite with the March 19-23 event and with your film. Blessings on all involved. "
(Sister Rosemarie / Sunbeam Dancing)

" ... I just wanted to say that I have been waiting for a movie like
this for ages ... what blessed gift this will be to the world. "

" Hello I'm so happy to have seen this film! back in 1992 I had a direct contact with what I BELIEVE TO BE AN ENLIGHTENED RACE,   I was told of how our evolution had been surpressed and that humanity would very soon experience a leap of consciousness."

" Thank you for this beautiful inspiration. I actually cried whilst watching the trailer. "

" After a long story I came across your film project, TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN ...And on the website when I saw the Trailer's chapter I cried. With happiness not sadness.
Yes, we are more and more. "

" Just been sent info on your upcoming film. It's going to
be amazing! ... good luck and big respect to you all. "

" Thank you all for this vision, and your dedication and extraordinary creativity to bring this understanding which many of us have been sharing in small circles to the greater public consciousness. "

" I've seen the promo for this film " Time of the Sixth Sun ", it's completely mind-blowing and really really needs to happen. Seems to be for all the big projects crossing frontiers that just don't fit the mould! "

" Every time I watch the trailer, I feel transported into another world - a very heart-warming and heartening world. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing the film. "

" ... Many, many congratulations in producing such a fine work which must have taken lots of guts and faith to carry it through. Trusting that all the funding you require is pouring in. "

" You inspire me. I so believe in your project aside to it's
esthetic, it's such a beautiful film, beautiful film trailer. "

" This is absolutely wonderful to be a part of,  thank you for
having the courage to begin the wave. A lifetime friend. "

" This is awesome...!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. It is indeed
breath taking. Great work. I will surely respond to it favourably. "

" I have seen this vision as I am one of the U.S. wisdom seers/keepers. They may help if the Chief is approached.   At the moment the Gov does not want us called Cherokee even though it is in our DNA and we have blood tests,but the fighting of label days for me are not as valid as our world is plunging the wrong way... we must unite the world and many will not listen to me, such a small voice a mother age 37 with four kids.  Someone has to take a step to join together to get the pieces, wisdom keepers to move together  so that all the parts in between can understand and become part of the whole, compass rose/the cross and the rose. '

 Midnite's Mornin' awaits the Golden Dawn, my Indian name. I have been a watcher
all my life and a peace bringer in the family these are common traits of who you seek. You will find the resources as you find the Wisdom Keepers, the film is circular, the monies will flow back,
I see the vision and you are truly blessed and blessing the Earth at the same time.
A nice southern curtsy to you and hats off, you will make ripple then waves,
never stop ... you will receive many blessed returns, the saving of the earth.
The Earth cries out for her people to be the stewards that the creator made them to be. "

" I'm thrilled you are making this film. Thank you so very much. One of your hearts ... "

" I have just discovered your film - what can I say, you are doing it for all of us - congratulations! "

" Namaste, I loved the trailer, my whole being resonated with it. "  (Lily)

" ... When I came to UK I was guided that I should be here, I know something will be
happening but don't know what ... and the star of David symbol has a part to play in all this. "

" This is what gives me not hope but knowledge that we are only experiencing, in our very short lifetime, the start of consciousness moving into the 4th dimension of consciousness at a mass level. From 2D and a flat world to 3D and a round world expanding into the cosmos to the 4th entering into the unitive mind that is the generator of the 3D world. "

" I was contacted a few months back by someone who is funding an expedition to find Atlantis, which he has been researching most of his life. After researching through other experts in their field, I found that this was now viable at this time and started to work on my role in this project. Myself and many others see huge changes on the planet through this discovery and when I received an email from a friend with the trailer for your film on some of the confirmation came from this in particular, so realised that I had to get in touch. " (Amanda)

" It feels like consciousness really is shifting on the planet ... and that people are really ready for a film like "Time of the Sixth Sun".    I've had the blessing of coming into contact with the teachings of people like Don Alverto Taxi and Amma
and my heart is joyful to know that their messages will come out into the world through your film. "

" Dear friends, this beautiful information about the film reached me today. I am so happy to see this great sign of that something is really happening in the world to make this change a REAL change. " (Marie)

" It is an an incredible idea, the world needs it :)
It is so good to see this giant spider web of cooperation
across the world :) The prophecies are already real. " (Theresa)

" Thank you - my donation's about to be made. Thought is indeed creation. "(Jan)

" ... Congratulations on such an inspiring film project and one
so timely. It is a wonderful vision and well done for pursuing it. "(Prathiba)

" ... I am very happy and excited about your wonderful project. I hope to be seeing your moviein the cinemas everywhere and will do my part to raise the vibration to move forward to love. "

Bless you hun you a star thank you for brightening up my day. (Cath)

What you are doing is awesome! Thank you!!! This is truly precious
Work! I think your quick response to me is admirable, fabulous! (Charlie)

What a wonderful trailer, this will truly be a great film.

The wave ever expands. Thank you so much Nikki, for all
you bring to this extraordinary time! Blessings to you.

For the last 2 years I have been having dreams. These visions have now become reality. I wasn't sent e-mail or had any idea this existed until I followed signs and pictures and stumbled across your site. I do not know what role I play in all of this but my mind/ telepathy has started to unvail to a new level. It was never there before or I did not realise until now. I had a real awakening on 26/12/06.
It happens every now and again and when it does the reality is something I already knew subconciouslywould happen. The end to all this is no where to be seen. How I found all this is beyond me. But it all seems to be coming together at once. (L. Barber)

I would love to publicise your appeal and recruit some more "big hearts" for you! (Mark)

Hello dearest team ,when I saw the trailer for the first time, tears of happiness
were running. So the change of the earth is no longer a secret but a wonderful
hope for the future. Yes, I am dreaming the same dream but in another shape! (Monika)

" This work is very important... I could speak much about the new energies and how the 'Rays of Creation' are declining the systems of the old era so that the new models and new holistic inclusive systems of a new era can come forth. It is importantyour film cover an expansive overview of the current and coming shifts. Our whole way of thinking and being is shifting... "(Steven)

Gracias por contestarme...
Gracias por crear...
Gracias por hacer...

" ... What a really interesting thing you are creating. I know that we should be telling as many people about this extraordinary time we are about to enter... The film will make a huge impact. "

" ... Just seen your trailer. It's so moving and inspiring. I wanted to let you know that the message of your movie is wonderfully intertwined with the message of the 'Awakening the Dreamer' Symposium. "

" ... How wonderful to have partners such as yourself in the transformation of the spirit of our world. " (Chuck)

I among so many others are hungry for this film. We are currently preparing to show 2012 the Odyssey here in Southern Colorado, and I do so want to see your film. Your trailer is spectacular, and many hearts are touched by it.

" I'm very excited about your film and I would like to help you promote it on my website Holistic Local which is a social networking and business directory for people passionate about living a more conscious life. "Visit (Andy)

" It is enormously encouraging and such a brave feat you are taking on which is
assisting with strengthening others endeavours to open up to their true calling."

" Thanks so much. I appreciate what you are doing. May the project be blessed and magnified. "

" Dear Friends, be sure to watch the trailer...all of it...and see if it speaks to you. This is a new film being made in the UK whose time I believe is critical on the planet. I love that they use a lot of the wisdom and words already on the Dream One World website - further proof of the collective consciousness shifting! "

" I have sent this site info to many many people. Thank you for providing it to the world. "

 " I have no idea where your colleague got my address but I'm glad they did. It's a fine example of synchronicity as I was just talking about the quickening leading up to 2012 the other day. "

" I have seen your trailer, I feel good about it, special because I am a paranormal man and can see and feel a lot, but also the disrupted energy of our earth and nature, also the people itself are really disbalanced and I feel this also, it gives me sometimes a hard time to get balanced myself, because it eats energy from me. But I have also a feeling of joy that people like you and here. "

" I received this from a friend. Apparently I am in the process of exploring what might be called, the outer reaches of consciousness. This project appears to be an important additional piece to my journey. I wish to support it. "

" I would just like to say to all of the people involved in this movie to make the rest of the world aware  of what is about to bestow us all.Well done it's fantastic. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I have been  listening, reading and learning about this for 15 years or so ... and my god how quickly is is coming about. My soul and heart are as ready as they'll ever be ... What exciting times ahead. Namaste to you all. " (Patti)

" Thank you so much.You are doing a wonderful thing here and I will spread the word! Blessings in light and love. "

" The Spirit of Aboriginals are within you and the film will be a complete success.
I'm from Via del Mar (Vineyard of the Sea) CHILE/SOUTH AMERICA Blessings. "

" Speak your heart and all shall be healed. " (Judith)

" I'm open to 2012, not just because of all the 'information' out there, but also
because of my own information, that came in the form of a dream I had whilst pregnant. "

" At any rate, I reckon its important to do our own individual 'bit' right here, right now - whatever that feels like - and in the continuing now moments up until 2012 and that way we will, indeed be directors/actors in our movie, rather than mere spectators. " (Aannsha)

" Just to congratulate, send respect and wish manifestation to this project,
very important. "

" Through synchronicity, I find this glorious project! " (James)


Greetings! I was blown away by your trailer. (Sven)

" Through synchronicity and the golden thread of humanity, I found the site and trailer. I can not really describe what I am about to write in words, but perhaps you will understand that 'knowing' is something not to be defined. I sat and cried for a few minutes, reliving my sleeping dream from just the night before. It made sense now. A surreal recall of such things leaked into my awareness... and I am without words. That's all I need to share for now... not to be so mysterious! " (Anon)

" Through the heart of Pachamama and the Sacred ... I am in your dance. "

" Awesome message of inspiration! "(Pamela)

The purpose of writing this mail was to give my endorsement to the film which is being made ... and to call upon you to consider taking part in its creation - individually and as The Rainbow Circle, who I am convinced should feature in the film ... and I felt it important to let everyone know about it so you can let others know about it. It seems the next step after WHAT THE BLEEP? And THE SECRET. (Yohanna)

The truth will resonate within us all. (John)

" Thank you so much for getting the message out there. I love what I have seen so far, it moved me to tears of joy. I am regretful I am unable to make a donation,though my heart and spirit longs to be apart of it, and I am. " (Lee)

" Namaste, my tears run when I saw the trailer. " (Goetz) 

" ... I just came across your web site and have donated to assist you and your beautiful
efforts to create a magical message that will transcend all those who come across it. " (Tom Katzin)

Congratulations on a beautiful film trailer. Your project resonates. (Jeff) 

" This is absolutely wonderful and powerful to see and witness. "  (Anon)

" All of what is written here and so lovingly shared is truly a heartfelt reminder of truth. "

" Your work is beautiful! "  (Ann Marie)

" My heart soars when I am reminded of how many more are on this path towards total enlightenment & know the truth.  I have been all over this website this morning with tears of JOY flowing. ….    At times I have felt so alone & so hurt when others have turned their backs to walk away. I know that everyone must walk their own journey butI also know that I am here now, as you are, at this very sacred time to help clear and lead the way for others to follow. I am going to forward this site to as many as possible & pray that they are now ready to open their hearts & minds to receive this wisdom. Much love, peace and blessings to all of you for the "LIGHT WORK" you are doing. Tlazokamatli. " (Linda) 

" What a blessing this film is in this time of transformation! It warms my heart with the light
of hope and joy.I wholeheartedly thank you for making this film. I am SO ready to see it! " (Esther) 

" What a fabulous peep of the infinite possibilities, nice work guys. " (Stara)     

" Hello, I have been a psychic counselor for many years and just wanted to thank you for putting together this film! Much of what your trailer speaks about I have channeled similarly over the years. Our world needs a forum for these changes and you have offered them one. " (Debrae)

" I believe in the resurrection of a new race, a new order for the planet! And the people who lived upon the Earth before us , they knew all this very well! Now, the time has come, the change has begun and we must wake up or we'll be left behind. We want to go back home, we're very far from there! Peace on Earth for all the ones who opens their hearts for purity, love, kindness and clearness of mind! Be strong my brothers! " (Maria Inez Rosa Francisco)

" I just got an email from a sister over the ocean. I am here in Europe having the
same dream and my heart is so happy that my dream of peace is true, thank you all. " (Velika Schiffer)

" Your project is absolutely essential to assist in raising the vibrations of all people. You are here to do higher consciousness work and have been awakened to bring your message to all who have chosen this spiritual path. The AWAKENING is now and there is no time to lose. The many slumbering soul stars are awaiting your call to come away from the turmoil of possible global disaster to bring forth peace, joy, true happiness, and love of all peoples along with a deep recognition of God our Source. " (Loretta) 

Beautiful site and project! Congratulations! (Cynthia)

" I'm totally impressed by your trailer and know the importance
of getting your message out before the general public. " (Burt)

" I have seen the trailer. You have one amazing project under your wing dear friend. The way the editing melds one scene and thought into the next is beautiful. I know you will do well however you proceed with it. "

" We just saw the trailer to your DVD. Great work! " (White Eagle)

" Thank YOU for bringing global attention to the changing energies
in our world. I trust that your heart's knowings will help shape your film
in a manner that expands the viewer's paradigms and possibilities. " (Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa)

" The film seems a wonderful message for the world. " (Leida Wieland)

" ... What an inspiring piece of work. Today I am completing my doctoral dissertation on the shifting story of Mary Magdalene and the energetic impact of her re-awakening. It is a message very much in alignment with your film. Watching the trailer gives me even more inspiration to complete my own work and contribution to this powerful change which we are in the midst of. "  (Jeanne)

" I watched the trailer and this production will be a great leap for Human kind.
I thank you. "

" Thank you for helping to spread this most important message to all of our brothers and sisters. " (Bernie)

" Thank you, I have attended Native ceremonies for a long time. I'm so grateful for what you are doing. " (Loren) 

" Dear Ones - I have just learned of your project and viewed your film trailer. I am brought to tears of joy for this beautiful service to our Pachamama and all of her children for generations to come. " (Thomas)

" Beautiful site and project! Congratulations! " (Cynthia)

" Amazing good work, all of you. Hello to paradox, we are all connecting. More than six people I have met from all over the world are captured in this movie. Estonishing, but just reality of unity. We are One big family, love to all. "

" May the abundance of the world and her children bring completion to such an important journey ... the journey into the hearts of the human race! Bring this film to light SOON! Blessings. "

" I am honoured to be a small...small part of this. " (Nelida)

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Blessed be my friend. " (LittleWing) 

" Thank you so much for making the connection, it means a lot to us and it is wonderful to meet you. Your page is lovely and the spiritual essence is touching. Your conscious awareness is awesome. Thank you for all you are giving that helps the consciousness of humanity transform into one world love. We are so happy to be on this beautiful planet
when the miracle of awakening is taking place. Wishing you love and joy of the heart always. " (Bart & Jody)

" Almost guaranteed to open your eyes… We need to find ways to help more and more people actively shift their attention to create a different world - a parallel world in effect - one that can emerge out of the disintegration of the old world and serve as a viable transition for enough people”

" The crisis, as well as the opportunity, of our time to surrender our ego and conditioned fear mechanisms to the primary torsion energy of unconditional love that is seeking to evolve us and is calling us as a species home. " (Sol)

" … Hello my brothers and sisters - Always when I think I've given up on my hope and journey, in times of my own personal transformation, I find those of my heart continuing on in the light path of the new dawn, giving me inspiration to continue on my path. " (Debora Jo) 

" I am a member of a large aztec dance group that is very aware of the events that are unfolding in the near future …Thank you for embarking in work that is very honourable and will surely make a mark in human conciousness. "

" This documentary, in my opinion, has come at just the
right time. Your work on this project is absolutely beautiful. " (Pamela)

" I praise you all for the message that you are preparing to send to the world. May each of you feel Love's return as you send forth the seeds for humanity to look within to discover how each can contribute Love and Compassion to our Earth Mother and all of our relations. May the Blessings Be."

" CONGRATULATIONS! what a fabulous project. I am a singer from Australia and I receive ' Soul songs'.  Songs to sooth the restlessness of the heart and mind, songs akin to the bird who sings in praise to it's maker. " (Deya Dova)

" … Thank you for the reawakening, because all human beings are atune, we just have reawaken. " (Daisy)

" As a Shamanic Healer of the Inca Tradition, I wish to honour you for your astonishing and beautiful film regarding the 'Pachakuti' the 'turning around of time' in 2012 – a complete transformation of consciousness. As a 'Healer of Souls', I am passionate about
raising my clients' vibration by addressing their deepest wounds, freeing them of their burdens and bringing them back to wholeness. As well as helping them to move forward in their lives, this will also enable them to withstand the turmoil which precedes this great change and allow them to step intact into the new Golden Age – the thousand years of peace as foretold by the Inca prophecies. May your film awaken the hearts of those that slumber, so that they take action to do their inner work so that they can once more become Caretakers of the Earth and live with respect for all aspects of Creation. And may it remind them that we are all leaves from the same tree, regardless of race or religion. "

" Wonderful film. Thank you. I noticed what the Women had to say. is part of the wave. It's mission is to bring Women around the world together in one place, to further and nurture the awakening. "

" … My son is 7 years old and he said that when I'm 13 years old, which will be April 8, 2013 the world will be normal, people will be normal and there will be no more aliens or villains on our planet. He said all his magic and abilities will stop and he will be normal too!
He said maybe just a few villains but not like before. He said it is now that we are preparing for this because we have our abilities and his magic is great. He said he comes from a distant planet that is blue and all the people had a blue crystal the shape of a diamond almost and he said when he is 20 that is when changes behind our belief will really occur. Many gifts of people will be seen and that is when we will see our true self in form. He gives this in great detail and where he is from and it is through the children that all this is truly possible. Our thoughts are the true manifestations of now and what is yet to come. " (Brigett)

" … It expands my heart as well as my mind and captures the
essence of our collective shift ... enters it in the film somehow. " (Glennie)

" How can I paticipate in a concerted effort to enlighten mankind, so that we all can vibrate in unison with the universe.  How can we restore the sacred feminine, the sure route to change men´s perspective of yhe world, in my humble opinion. " (David)

" … I would like to stay connected with your project. It all resonates in my soul. I have been anticipating the 'rapture', the 'critical mass' for many years. I am excitedly  lpoking forward to it. The time has come for healing. " (Vonnie)

" You are to be applauded for getting this message to the people. I am aware of the recent prayer gathering at Lake Titecaca in Peru in February and the effort to herald in the Divine Feminie Energy. I informed some Tibetan Buddhist monk friends about this meeting because I know they are aware of the cosmic laws and why we are experiencing such a transition in the world currently. " (Elizabeth)

" … I was blown away by the trailer and inspired by the size of your undertaking.
The film made me tingle and I just had to send my donation. " (Lynn)

All people of all languages connect outside of the word. We have merely forgotten. Or rather, we have been deceived to forget. But we are now remembering.
The illusion is dissolving.

I am glad this information is out for more to see. It is good that people are
more informed on the current and coming changes.Thank you so much. (Angela)

" I just loved the trailer - what a profound way to spread the information.
I am touched and would like to know how I can assist in any way. " (Di)

" … Thanks for following your spirit and manifesting your inspirations! ” (Heather)

" You are so amazing ... Thank you for being ...
You have inspired much love to open in many, in all ... " (Jahsah)

Brilliant! Thank you for your informative and impeccable work. Many Blessings! (Naomi)

The concept and intention of this film is truly heaven sent! I cannot thank you
enough for the wisdom and knowledge this project will bring to the world.  (Lynn)

Hi Sixth Sun team... just wanted to say that I loved
the trailer and what you are making, have made?  (Andrew)

" What a beautiful, amazing undertaking and offering !!!
We thank you from the depths of our hearts and souls ... "(Alison)

" Please let me know when the DVD Series are available for purchase. May the Creator keep you all safe and protected so that these messages reach all the directions of the Universe! You all will remaining my thoughts and prayers. I send love and gratitude to you all for all that you do! " (Terri)

" I thank you for your work and I feel myself part of it." (Heike)

" Aloha - Mahalo nui loa for your vision, efforts and love. May Ke Akua bless you. " (Maggie)

" I am a heart musician from Peru and I live in the sacred valley Taray, Cusco. I saw your web site 15 minutes ago, and I felt to write you right away, because I am feeling the spirit and I can feel the prophecy of the eagle and the condor inside of me. I am working in a project in Taray to help Mother Earth, Pachamama in this difficult and beautiful process, working with children of different places and communities in an intercultural elementary school, trying to live constantly in an ecological way, with gratitude and respect, in a sacred view with all. Receive from the peruvian andes a big hug and congratulations for all your work!! The eagle and the condor are flying together again!! " (Fred) 

"… Your work sounds very interesting. God Bless You in your endeavors. Shalom. " (Maureen)

"… Gracias por poner este majestuoso video ... mil besos bellos llenos de amor
de amistad, colores, olores de ilusion y danzas del alma ............ calcetinescaidos. "

Wow! What a powerful movie this is. I am anxious for it to be a reality now, but all in God's time. I see this having a similar effect as The Secret had. I feel more and more people are waking up. I feel this will be a success for you, and for us who see this movie as well. I will pray for you and this project. I am thirsting for this now, but I will be patient.
God speed. (Jennifer)

" I very like your work, I liked to see the documentary ... since I can obtain it?... I like much your work, they are a great contribution to join the people in the spiritual conscience and that us account of the universal truth ... " (Cristóbal)

"... My compliments for your efforts to create this inspiring and heartwarming film. I think we need it. " (Mark)