Well we're three weeks into our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Appeal and our intention is to raise the completion funds so badly needed to get this 'baby' to the screen. Both Kate and myself have been on a huge learning curve these past weeks as we have delved into the world of social media. 'Viral' is the new buzz word in the office and we have rapidly become Facebook fanatics and Twittering wizards.

Spam is clearly not on the menu lunchtimes.

Please help us to keep this wave of consciousness moving around the world by forwarding our link to your email contacts, FOLLOWING us on Twitter, LIKING and SHARING our link and Daily Teasers on Facebook, and sharing the link with all of those with whom you think this might resonate. Thank you and bless you all for your continued support.

Frustrated and at a loss as to what else can we do to get our message out there? No .... we're fully trusting that this project is blessed and that WE CAN DO IT.

Help us to make this dream become a reality and help us to collectively dream ourselves awake!   Blessings!