The edit is an amazing experience. I sit here listening to these voices transfixed with their wisdom. Learning all these tools as I edit. A small voice in my heart tells me where their wisdom could speak in the film. Is it me who is deciding or is it your collective consciousness gifting me these suggestions?

Why don't you make up your own mind and see if your heart resonates...   Follow our daily teasers on Facebook from tomorrow...    Ben Cole (Editor) 


Greetings brothers and sisters near and far... Well this is a big day for us, so I'll keep it short. In a couple of hours we will be launching our KICKSTARTER APPEAL. It is full of information about the film, what stage we're at and how you can become part of the project by donating and helping us to finish the post production stage. This is the most costly part of the whole filming process and we really need your support.

This truly has been a heart opening, co-creative effort from each and every person on the crew. When the power of the people come together, we truly can create all that we dream of. I'd like to leave you with a quote from Allegrea Adams at the LA Conscious Film Festival in 2009. She said...

"It is madness to spend millions of dollars on films that do not elevate the human condition, but contribute to further suffering. Each new film that is brought forth has the opportunity to contribute to an evolutionary leap for humankind, or it can further contribute to the decline of our civilization. Our films need to become guidiing lights during this time of confusion."

We believe Time of the Sixth Sun is one of these films.