Well this is it folks… so much expectation and anticipation of this long awaited date and yet here we are, tapping out the keys and checking our emails as usual. Hmm...How are we all feeling? I think therein lies the clue, because it’s all about the experience now.

So after seven years of filming interviews and ceremonies, last year we started shooting the dramatic aspects of the film with our protagonist Estas Tonne, poet Peter Moore and our beautiful grandmother Jo Crow. We spent a summer following the journey of a gypsy troubadour busking on the streets throughout Europe, we shot dream sequences in stone circles and brought ancient woodland to life with elves and body-painted tree nymphs.

The film is now sitting on a 12TB raid system of hard drives and is waiting to be birthed. Ben Cole and myself have started the edit process and the footage is taking it’s place on the timeline. We are now launching a kickstarter crowd funding appeal in the first week of January in the hope that we can raise the completion funds to complete post production and get the film to the screen. We will be updating you on it’s progress throughout the month of January. If you can donate that would be wonderful and if you can’t, then please pass the kickstarter link onto your friends and contacts so that we can keep the wave of awareness for the film moving around the world. We will give you the link on the next blog.

So I guess this is a good time to officially welcome Ben Cole who is now editing the film with me, and weaving his magic. Seems strange because he has actually been on the project since 2007 doing a wonderful job as our Director of Photography. I’d also like to welcome the wonderful Kate Taylor-Smith to our production team. The family is growing. Lastly a big thank you to Diego for all his hard work logging, shooting & cutting whenever called to.

And the biggest thank you goes to all of our associate producers & donators who have financially helped us over the years to get the film to this point. If it weren’t for you guys, 12 terrabytes would still be languishing on the edit desk. So using the words of ‘the new economy' ~ “give what you can and take what you need" – Bless You!