After a year’s break, we are back and on track…

Thanksgiving always gives us a moment to sit in gratitude for what we have created in our lives, both good and bad, and to glimpse the bigger picture of why we created it. It’s a time of going within at this darkest time of the year, knowing that we will be emerging into the light again all too soon. 

I personally am so grateful to so many who have helped me through a difficult time this year and they know who they are.  Bless you.  I go to bed every night with all that I am grateful for that day, in my mind. I fall asleep dreaming up new ideas and new ways of being and I wake up with that vision for the day, again with gratitude in my heart that I can make a difference, however small, even when I’m not feeling very well.

I have come to realise that whilst I am intent on healing, restoring and revitalizing, I am also learning to trust that I have an emotional intelligence that guides me through the jungles of time and space, and that I have numerous gifts that will see me through the turbulent times, and that all I need to do is stand aside, let spirit emerge and my wings will appear. I knew that this dis-ease in my being was sent to strengthen me in so many ways and that it was my medicine, not my poison. The gauntlet had been dropped and I had accepted the challenge.

Last year I said ‘let’s make it a year to remember’ and I guess you just have to be careful what you ask for…  because it’s been a year full of teachings for me personally. In attracting an autoimmune condition into my reality, I had to look at why my immune defence system would be attacking my own tissues and the deeper meaning of that and how that was reflected in world events. As above, so below.  I had to look at self esteem issues rooted deep in my past and conquer my shadows as I journeyed from lack of self worth to worthiness and self love and consequently love for all my brothers and sisters, whatever that brings and ultimately of our Mother Earth, Gaia. 

Like many of the peers of my age, we face our parents ageing and passing on.  In watching my own mother becoming more and more fragile and infirm, my love and compassion for her has grown as she makes that difficult transition.  It is so amazing to watch our loved ones complete the full cycle from innocent babes who are birthed into this world from a very confined held and safe space into this huge bright world of information. From here it seems that life is one long learning curve as we expand into these amazing beings that we are, moulded by genetics, life experience and environmental factors. We arrived pre-language and as for so many in this modern world, we return soon enough to the non verbal world of Alzheimers or Dementia.  As we age we quite literally shrink, as we move into this last cycle of our being. Maiden mother & crone. Downsizing as kids move away, we sell up the family home and eventually end up in a small confined space once more, whether it’s at home being cared for by loved ones, or more often than not, in a care home being cared for by relative strangers. Each elderly person has their own little room and when finally they pass on, they experience a re- birthing from this tiny held space, out into the next huge bright world of their soul’s infinite existence. 

And so it is that I have also watched the cycles of nature this past year. But I have also witnessed those cycles being threatened by climate change and shifting jet streams, and by those corporate giants who want to dig every last bit of fossil fuels out of the belly of our mother, no matter what the consequences, in the name of profit. 

I have also witnessed a similar trend with the pharmaceutical companies and their profound effect on the older generation.  A pill for every complaint and a massive profit at the end of it all… and that profit or benefit is not truly experienced by the average old person as they descend into an ever increasing spiral of medication, all too often treating the side effects of the original medication.  That is what I have observed in my own mother as she faces a physical body that is failing her and a world of ever increasing indignities. 

When one looks at the dignity and grace carried by so many of the indigenous tribal Elders of times past, you have to wonder what on Earth has gone wrong. You have to be asking why we treat our old folks so appallingly as they approach their final years.  I for one want to create and live in a very different world and I suppose that is what has driven me to make this film.  A new world experience is possible but we have to make radical changes in order for that to happen and we need to re-learn how to dream and manifest our reality.  How to dream ourselves awake into a new way of ‘being’ in the world and the only way I can see us doing that, is to acknowledge that we are all One.  We are all interconnected and inter-related, and as we shift from dependent to interdependent, we can embrace those in our local communities, taking back our power from these global entities and live as the Sovereign hu-manes our ancestors dreamed of. We can move into as state of compassion for all sentient beings on this planet, including ourselves… most importantly for ourselves.

It is truly a magnificent journey from mind to heart, and our ancestors’ prophecies spoke of this time.  A time when the condor and the eagle would fly in the same sky in harmony and peace on Earth would prevail. The eagle flies in the north of the Americas and the condor in the South Americas, metaphorically the north and the south meeting together as One.  It is the time of the heart and LOVE is it’s driving force. 

So listen to those hippies and creatives that our government so love to sneer at and ridicule, because they’ve got it so so right. They are awake and have the passion running hot through their veins and they are gathering as one massive tribal force in the world that does dare to stand up against the greed and injustices of the world. They are the Rainbow Warriors  - the ones that will create this new earth, using the power of new energy consciousness. They are dreaming a new world into being on every level, right now, right here…. on Earth.

So I am beginning to see the micro-macro effect in all that I see.  If I see it playing out in the world, then it is playing out in me personally too.  If I can heal that in me, then I will see the effects of my work reflected out there in the world.