“Okay - I'm going to take a minute or two and bring Tobias in….And so it is. It is I, Tobias. I'm going to speak here for just a moment before we actually get into the recording. I'm going to adjust how I sit - Not so much how Cauldra prefers to sit. I'm going to make a few comments here and then we'll get into the taping…..

Bringing in all of the energies of this intense and high consciousness film into this gathering right now with all of you who are here, of course, but we're taking a moment to adjust to the energies for all of it's potentials, for all of those who will ever view this, for all of those who indeed will help to finance this for you. Bringing in the potentials right now of those who are beginning on their journey of awakening, even they don't know it yet, but something deep within them called out, whether it was years ago in this lifetime, whether it was many lifetimes ago, whether they were in the monasteries or any of the other religious orders, whether they were holders of the energies of Earth for this new awakening……

Let's bring their consciousness into this film right now. Not just the ones who are on tape, not just I, Tobias, but of all of them because indeed what you are doing here is, you are creating a universal product, you are creating what I'm going to term here and in our discussion….the fruit of the rose. The fruit of the rose is a term that I use….it describes the awakening or the remembering that we all put on Earth for ourselves, knowing that at a certain time the awakening would be here, we would need to remind ourselves or indeed the angelic beings on the other realms help to remind humans. Gaia herself has the energy of remembrance in herself but, ultimately it comes down to each and every individual human, allowing themselves to remember that they put their own awakening message, their own awakening sign on this Earth in their reality, in their physical body for themselves, and we call this "the fruit of the rose".

It is so easy to get lost in this duality and it's so easy to forget your way and forget where you came from, and it's so easy to get immersed in this thing called human reality on Earth, and you forget. So many humans create a type of nightmare for themselves, repeating lifetimes over and over. Coming back to Earth when the same relationships as the ones that they had just left, coming back to the same problems and difficulties and challenges. It is indeed like a bad dream, and they keep trying to find their way out of that prison. They keep trying to discover new ways to break out but all of the time, because they're using the old human tools, in a way they are just digging themselves in deeper.

There does come a point of surrender, also a point of remembering. When they come across this beautiful symbol, the fruit of the rose, the reminder that they put on Earth for themselves, to awaken, then the awakening process starts unfolding. It doesn't happen in one day or one year, and for many humans it may not even happen in one lifetime. But the process indeed does start happening. Everything starts changing with the human. The very path that they had been on, the path of what you'd call destiny or karma, starts to change. At that point the human feels that they are out of control because the old systems aren't working anymore. Their old tricks aren't working. Something is happening deep within them. They feel very much like the caterpillar going into it's cocoon, like the caterpillar going into the cocoon not knowing what's going to happen next, transforming into what the old caterpillar feels is 'mush' - losing all of it's caterpillar strengths and it's caterpillar tendencies and it's caterpillar defences. At this point of course, the caterpillar or the human, is terrorized, frightened, filled with fear, an uncertainty, going into a period of the dark night of the soul, but is it really? Is it really the dark night of the soul or is it the surrendering back unto themselves. Is it the releasing of all of the caterpillar illusions and all of the caterpillar lies, the releasing of the caterpillar mind so that it can emerge into what it truly is - a butterfly.

The humans who are going through their awakening find many many parallels with this. They start to lose their mind, or control of their mind. It's not that anybody is taking that away from them, rather it is that they are going beyond the limitations of the mind, limitations that were placed there when the angels first came to Earth. Limitations that were intensified in the times of Atlantis with what many of you may remember as the 'headbands'. The headbands that were in used in Atlantis to conform the mind to make it standard for all humans, but eventually used for things like mind control.

Right now, those who are awakening, are going out of their minds. They're discovering that there's something much grander, what you may call the soul, the divine intelligence, the all knowing mind. It goes far beyond the capabilities of the human mind and unlike the human mind, in the reservoirs of it's memories, it contains no judgement, it contains no limitation, it contains no duality, the duality of love and hate, masculine and feminine, light and dark. The divine mind does not judge these things, it just understands it's own experience.

In the awakening, the body starts to transmute, what some may feel is the body falling apart is not at all. The body is releasing it's old systems to create new systems. It's transforming at the level of the dna and even deeper than that, the body is bringing up an element that it's always had but has long been put away. That is the element of  rejuvenation. The ability to cleanse itself without having to overload yourself with vitamins, with systems with programs, but simply giving permission for your body to heal. Giving permission for your body to do what it already knows how to do. It can re-grow limbs. It can purify the cells that are cancerous. The body knows how to revitalise the heart and every organ, even if they have been in the physical body for a hundred years or more. The body knows how to rejuvenate itself. The body can rejuvenate so that you can begin your next lifetime in the same physical body that you have now, transcending death until you choose you no longer need or want to be here on Earth.

The body has this capability already within it and in the awakening, the body goes through a transformation. A clearing and a cleansing to make way for your own natural healing system. So if you're not, if it feels like your body is falling apart, fear not those wrinkles that you get on your face, fear not if you end up sick for a period of time because your body is going through an intense cleansing. As fear not, as many of you do, coming in contact with what you consider out of balance energies outside of you, because your body already knows how to transmute, you see energy is just energy. When you go beyond the illusion that there's good or bad, or healthy and unhealthy, light or dark, you begin to understand that energy is just energy. It was created from a pure space. It was put into motion and put into structure by you, to help solidify your reality and at any time when you come into the place of openness, compassion and surrender to your self, you can transmute ANY energy, no matter how light or dark, no matter how imbalanced because at it's core, you'll recognise that it is just energy.

This film is part of the fruit of the rose for so many people. Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands or millions who'll hear the words, see the pictures and feel the essence, the essence of what is contained herein, not just playing on a screen or through speakers but the essence as being brought together by it's producers, by it's supporters, by those who are on film. It is a way of bringing together a unified message, a message of awakening, a call to awakening - that is, what the energy and the consciousness of this creation is about.

Allow yourself to sink deep into it because you are in this production as well, even if you don't appear on the screen, even if you think you have never heard of this production before, if you are listening to it, if you are watching it, you ARE part of the essence. Your energy, your fruit of the rose is in here just as well.

So….now that I've said my piece, we'll clear (*) Cauldra's sinuses a bit and we'll get on with this other part you've asked us to do.”


(*) Cauldra is the name spirit uses for Geoffrey Hoppe, the channel.