It’s essence will bring a reign of truth, beauty, and harmony... a frequency of light that we cannot yet imagine!  Humanity will flower, reaching our highest potential and recognizing our own divinity. It will be a full circle return to the Golden Age, as the planet itself graduates, passing through the portals of linear time into cosmic “no time”.

The ticket to gain admittance to cross the threshold into this new dream cannot be bought with money, status, or other outside influences. You can’t have “your people call my people” for this one. It will be through the frequency of light that we carry.

This new “light” of the sixth sun will resonate to the frequency of love – all else will pass away. When this new light that is now descending upon our planet continues to strengthen in intensity, “kicking it up a notch”, will you blow a fuse or light up the room?
It’s like when shamans or medicine people look right through you to see your heart, hear your thoughts, see your essence & true intention. There are no veils of separation to hide behind. The intensity of this new light will hold no shadow.

So yes, it is an extremely fragile, beautiful & powerful time that we are living in.

We must return to things that really matter, to our connection of all things seen and unseen, & known that there are more realities than this one. We must learn to walk in balance, live in reverent intimacy with nature, & create a world that we can offer with love to our children & their children & on.

The ancient people know this. The indigenous cultures on our planet have continued to live in this manner, despite insurmountable difficulties. They know that what we call death/destruction was just a natural passage in the cycle of new life, regeneration & transformation. It was nothing to fear. The knowledge left in the guardianship of the Earth’s wisdom keepers is ready to be shared with humanity to help us find safe passage in our transit to the Sixth Sun, hopefully in peace & balance. It’s time to listen. (Cynthia Signet).