So where are we headed?  Time of the Sixth Sun not only addresses our own personal evolutionary journey but looks to what we are collaboratively co-creating for ourselves.

We are consciously creating a new system based on what our ancestors always understood, which is that they foresaw the collapse of this unsustainable world and that  it’s time to recognize our symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements once more. It is time to dream what this new world might look like. Time of the Sixth Sun will take you on that journey.

It seems clear that it is time to return to local economies the world over. Globalization has only served to separate communities and countries alike whilst widening the gap between those who have and those who haven’t. 

In recent years there has been a huge global backlash to this banking and shareholder elite.  Speakers like Charles Eisenstein and Polly Higgins speak of a new economy.  A sacred economy, where the rights of Mother Earth are not only considered, but are honoured and spiritual warriors the world over are now supporting the drive to make Ecocide the fifth international crime. No longer will corporate companies be allowed to destroy our lands in the name of profit and CEO’s will finally have to take responsibility for their actions.

We are now seeing communites up and down the country supporting their own economies where local growers and businesses network with each other and reach out to other local communities, supporting the same ethos.  This also includes reducing their energy consumption and waste, creating  local currencies and barter systems, subscribing to local freeshare websites, and developing transition towns which endeavour to keep their carbon footprint low by introducing car share schemes. In many indigenous cultures, this is known as Ubuntu.

Local communities are increasing quality and productivity in how they grow their food and honour their lands. They are rekindling and strengthening their connection to those within their own locality, and are now placing far more economic importance on favouring this local connectivity than in supporting the monster supermarkets and massive distribution networks. They are finally starting to wean themselves off the corporate machine, reclaiming their power and becoming sovereign, independent humane beings.