Sixth Sun Dreaming

Girls offering roses to policeman at anti tracking demo

“It’s time to wake up and realize whether you’re the dreamer or the dreamed.” (John Armitage ‘Hari Das’ – Multidimensional Healer)


The Great Dreaming in this instance, refers to the ancient oral traditions lost when Earth’s citizens adopted a modern lifestyle. This lost knowledge of our tribal ways has been kept alive by small groups of remote indigenous cultures around the world, and can still be accessed in the dreamtime, deep within us all. Through the magical healing properties of plant medicines taken in ceremony, these great forgettings can once again be accessed, giving insight into the awesome majesty of humanity’s potential. Remembering what it is that was forgotten may well hold the key to our future as a planetary species.


“When they do these ceremonies, they’re dreaming a new world” (Drunvalo)

“The grandmother holds the seeds of our grandchildren, so we are a seed within a seed within a seed.  We truly are gatekeepers, we stand at the gateway of life and death.” (Jo Crow)



The Fruit of the Rose… What you planted in your own consciousness, long before you ever came to Earth.  A reminder that when the time was right, you would awaken. Your reminder, your call, to come back to yourself”  (Tobias)

It is for every awakening human to know what is their fruit of the rose, either consciously or unconsciously.  An event maybe triggered by facing one’s mortality, witnessing the birth of a child, a moment of déjà vu or simply the realisation of one’s destiny… What’s your fruit of the rose?

“It’s the imprint, the information is in our DNA. The memory is being triggered.” (Audrey Spronk)

Jo Crow and the Owl


There is a new way to be in the world. The energy is feminine but has nothing to do with gender. It is a new energy available to us, to be found deep within both men and women. It is the energy we get from the Great Mother Earth  - Gaia.  As we enter this new phase in our transition, from our relationships to doing business in the world, many corporations are now using these feminine principles within their companies.  Sitting in circles rather than in rows. Some of the qualities are that of yielding, surrendering to a higher power, tuning in and intuiting, flowing rather than forcing, taking the path of least resistance and using the heart rather than the mind as our guiding force.

“It is time for the grandmother to speak out. It has always been there under the matrix of this masculine form that has been created around this world. Underneath that is the wisdom of the grandmother, is the wisdom of the earth. She speaks through the heart, she speaks through our bones and our flesh.” (Caroline Carey – Author & Shamanic Practitioner)
“It’s time for horizontal power to be built again and that as women, we are the ones that know how to do that. The other was solar energy, it was vertical, it was power. Right, but vertical power.  It was war, that solar energy, that was the fifth age, the fifth sun. The sixth sun now it’s magnetic energy, it’s the moon’s energy, it’s the women’s energy. So now it’s the time to be in a circle again.”  (Eva Cecilia Solis – Medicine Woman)