Sorry for the long wait and thank you for your patience.

We’re delighted to share with you that 'Time of the Sixth Sun' is on its final journey.

We’re back in post production, so please keep your eye on this page and we’ll be updating you regularly.

Having just got back from Australia filming the finishing sequences, our editors are now making final selections from the incredible amount of footage we’ve shot over the years. There are a few crew pics taken on our phones from the recent trip below.

So when? It has been an incredible journey to get this far. This film has always been guided by spirit so we’re trusting in spirit timing not human timing. But we’re on it and will be releasing the movie in early to mid 2018.

The even better news is that we’ve decided to let you enjoy the film for free when it’s released online.

To be amongst the first to watch Time of the Sixth Sun, please click this link:-

Let us know if you’re excited by commenting below and help us let as many people know about this consciousness raising movie by sharing the link above with your friends too?


Nikki & Theo