As we commence our journey back to the light, it is a time often referred to as ‘the quickening’. The qualities held around this time of Imbolc, traditionally holds the spark of new beginnings and a year returning. Imbolc also known as Oimelc, is the Celtic word for the festival of The White Goddess Brigid, or The Light Bringer. “She is the 'Lady of the Shores', for the shore is one of those magical in-between places that so fascinated the Celts. These in-between places such as shorelines, fords, doorways and so on, were neither one state nor the other. The shore is neither dry land, nor is it the sea, yet it is the meeting place of both. If we consider that the land represents our solid, material world, while the sea represents the Great Cosmic womb of all life, the intuitive side of our nature, we can see that the shore is a meeting place between one world and another.”

This is maybe understood better by us as the void.

With the bitter cold of winter still enveloping many of us in the northern hemisphere, seeds sit in the dark earth, germinating.  We are still in the thick of winter when supplies are starting to dwindle and so we are in a place that is neither light nor dark. But this time of hibernation and dreaming will soon enough become manifest in the spring.

So as we sit in the stillness of this dark winter; many face their shadows and find themselves facing the void.  No thing. No mind. Many face those shadowy aspects of the creative artisan within, full of the fears that this shadowy expression brings. We all fear the well running dry but as the rain and tears come, the waters will flow once more. Watch out for the self-deceptive tendency to twist reality and to create stories around events and beliefs, that may or may not be true. Resist the temptation to project that which we cannot face ourselves, onto others. It is crucial to face that self-deceptive aspect that can threaten to take one down.  Down into the depths of depression and anxiety.

Let go of old emotional debris and the need to blame. Let go of the victim, holding onto old hurts & traumas, Know that it is all an illusion and a creation of the ‘monkey mind’. Tricky and dastardly. When we dare to face our reality as it is, we can then emerge from the dark and begin our transition into the light to reach for a higher vibration and a higher activation point.

The antithesis is to ‘put yourself in the way of beauty’. Let the energetic dross fall away, activate the things that will support you, put healthy boundaries in place and start moving towards manifesting your goals and trust that the germinating seeds will be on their upward journey to the light soon enough.  

For me personally, all my focus and attention has been on my own healing journey, To see myself as well and whole. No broken bits. I have been unpicking the spiral of damage, and am allowing deep healing to come into my life. I am moving towards the time I can re-engage and step back into my role as filmmaker. I am calling in powerful new partnerships, juicy new relationships and loads of spontaneous adventure where anything is possible.

This month feels like a time to take all those dreams, intentions, ideas and inspirations with a view to activating them. This is a transition point before we re-emerge into the light.