Answering the Call

I feel and see the footprints of my ancient walk in life
And I speak of them to the shadows of my mind
We have walked where earth meets sky
And have walked within all five suns that I
And my spiritual soul will walk once again as one
I am here by destiny once again, not only to witness
But to awaken myself to the long awaited Sixth Sun   
(Ramsey R. Muniz – Tezcatlipoca)
Mayan Calendar

There have been a number of Suns or Solar Ages in the history of our planet, that prophetic texts and indigenous traditions speak of in different ways. For the Aztecs and later civilisations of the Americas, these solar ages were recorded in their Sun Calendars, each sun lasting a duration of just under 5,200 years making up the 26,000 year precessional cycle.

In December 2012 we transitioned into the Era of the next solar cycle…. The Sixth Sun cycle. The mission of the Fifth Sun was to create movement in great waves of cleansing and change in order to make ready for the Sixth Sun.   It meant the breaking down of old patterns and belief systems from third dimensional materialism and external control before moving into inter-dimensional realms, expansion of our collective consciousness and understanding our placement within the universe as fully actualized beings of light.


Estas Tonne Time Of the Sixth Sun

We, our planet, and the entire Solar System are in the midst of a cosmic shift. On a cellular level, the intensity of the light and the vibrational frequencies will continue to increase to a transformational a new frequency of light, the light of the Sixth Sun. This is not an elective situation. It is a wake-up call, out of the dense cocoon that has been lulling us into a deep, unconscious sleep, but to also transmute from third dimensional consciousness to Christed or cosmic consciousness!

Until now, most of humanity has been operating from a third dimensional reference point of perception, limited by our senses and the visible colour band spectrum of light. We have egotistically believed that we could manipulate natural law and the elements themselves. On a planetary level, the earth is now insisting on our conscious and active involvement and cooperation. We can no longer deny our interdependence with our very life support system. We see the movement awakening as politicians, musicians, movie stars, and those with power and /or financial means, actively campaign for solutions to global warming, deforestation, world hunger, etc.