Time Of The Sixth Sun videos

The latest 4min trailer for the movie 'Time of The Sixth Sun' (Dreaming Ourselves Awake) currently in post production.

Geoffrey Hoppe channels Tobias, the guide and narrator for the film Time of the Sixth Sun. This is video is an endorsement for their funding appeal to complete the film's edit and post production process. Please go to our funding page to donate if you can.

Ulises Calatayud has Bikram Yoga studios throughout Mexico City. He was one of the younger elders holding the 8000 Drum Otomi Ceremony in 2004. This video is an endorsement from him for the film Time of the Sixth Sun as they appeal for funds to complete the post production stages.

A chat with the film's producer/director Nikki Williams and her cinematographer & editor, Ben Cole.

Thanks to Sonny Green for getting his energy behind this film. Please help us finish it. One Love!