In early 2004 – I knew something was happening.   Synchronicities started rapidly increasing in my life.  
I was learning fast track how to listen to & trust what I now understand to be ‘Spirit’. 
The more I followed this guidance, the greater the challenges became, The more grace I experienced in my life. 
I guess I was now officially  ‘in the flow’.

I’d had 20 years experience in the film industry, mostly as a camera assistant in Features & later as a documentary director. 
I also worked as an Inversion Therapist & Sound Healer for eight of those years.
With these  life tools, I had now embarked on making a film about sacred sound.
It was then that I received an email.
A blanket call across the world for people to join the Otomi Nation of People in Mexico to fulfil an ancient prophesy that said…

”When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense healing of mother earth will commence”.

 I couldn’t ignore the call.
With unexpected seed funding and virtually no prep time, I found myself with a small crew in Mexico
filming this very ceremony - That was the start of this  journey.

I had been inspired by films such as ’‘One Giant Leap’, but had no real storyline or structure at this early stage.
(I loved their innovative & multidimensional way of storytelling.)
I trusted that having been so strongly guided to film in Mexico,  the story would manifest in it’s own time. 
I was beginning to understand that this was something quite organic in nature that has it’s own pace.
It became apparent very quickly from the response we were getting in our interviews
with the tribal elders that this film was about a lot more than just sound. 
Many talked to us about a time that would soon be upon us….

Many of the Mayan & Aztec culture believe that we live in the age of the fifth sun  and that on December 21st, 2012 they believe that we will enter the age of the sixth sun..
This is also when the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar ends. 
They call this the ‘end days’ or, the end of time ‘as we know it’. 
I was fascinated and hooked  - TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN was born.

Getting the film project to this stage has taken single minded focus and determination. 
But what has kept me going has been the open hearted way we have been received
by every single person we have interviewed for the film to date. 
That, and the knowledge that “NOW” is the time. 
The film was to be a global library & witnessing of these times.

I have my own set of beliefs & opinions which are constantly challenged in the process of making this film
but the biggest revelation to me is just how many different opinions there are out there. 
Each of the speakers have their own fascinating ‘angle’ on what is happening in the world right now
and this film offers them a platform to share their wisdom with us in a time of such chaos & confusion.
Humans warm to truth …in all it’s many forms. 
We love humility. We love honesty. We love truth. 
But what is truth?  Is it Universal or is it something different for each of us?

The true strength of the film comes from the authenticity & integrity of the speakers interviewed.
Authors, Scientists, Healers & Thinkers – the pioneers and visionaries of our time. 
Many of them , teachers on my own path.


One very important prerequisite for this film is that each & every one of the speakers
be able to carry the ‘transmission’ - direct to the heart-space of the viewer.

I believe that the heart will only receive what is truth for each of us.  

You may not resonate with all the viewpoints, but it will certainly start an enquiry into what you do believe.
I’ll challenge and encourage the audience to momentarily suspend their belief systems
and see how else one can ‘view and receive’ the message of this film.

To watch with the mind is indeed one way of viewing things …
the world, ourselves & others, and that’s exactly the experience we will receive back…a ‘mind experience’.
But to observe it with an open heart & mind, and to allow our bodies to feedback to us about how it ‘feels’ to watch,
that’s probably the closest we get to what is really truth for us.
Simply ask yourself, does this resonate?
Then you may look further with the mind to ask why that might be.      

Right now, we are living in the age of discernment.


We all have an innate ability to know what is truth for each of us, without always relying  on external sources,
such as the Sciences, to measure it for us.
There seems to be more than one way to view our 3D world & more than one way of measuring what is ‘true’ within it.
It is time for all of us to make the ultimate journey within for our answers.

We’ve been making a film that has been planting many seeds and touching many hearts.  

We’re  now  looking for the funding to bring this wonderful project to completion. 
Help us manifest this vision and BE the change you want to see in the world.












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