Whether a journey of awakening or remembering,
both require that we make an inner journey of enquiry to discover what
is true for each one of us.


With Jesus, Buddha and Mary as role models for many, we look to the wisdom keepers of our age to share the knowledge they each hold for humanity as we make this transitional journey from one grand cycle of time to the next. By listening to those who carry the ancient knowledge, the shamanic traditions, the galactic transmissions, & the new technologies, revelations are brought forth. Through these visionaries and pioneers, we seek to extract the nectar to see what is clearly guiding us in our own hearts. We just need to look into each others eyes to see our divinity reflected right back at us, to know that we are inexorably One and part of the whole.

Fuelled  by our passion, love and inspiration, this project reflects the highest vision possible for the evolution of humanity. It offers hope in times of despair and clarity in times of darkness.

It is our intention that this film will bring this conversation right  into our living rooms. What we have sought to create here is a ‘cosmic fourth dimensional A to Z’ which offers practical tools to guide us through these chaotic & challenging times. Not everyone will accept the challenge but all will have the choice.


(Vision in Action)

By giving this vision form, it gives us an opportunity to see our lives up on the screen, reflecting back our authentic nature. As creators of our collective reality, we project our thought forms on a daily basis and quite literally manifest them into being. 
It is time to become conscious of what we create around us.

The storyline quite literally reveals the ‘bigger picture’ and allows the audience to experience the shift the speakers describe.  
In each community, our visionary artists, poets & musicians beam back at us, illuminating the possibilities & potentials of life.
It is our mission to give these speakers and performers a platform.

We are manifesting a visual archive for these teachings, perceptions and insights into the vibrational & energetic shift occurring right now on Planet Earth. This film closely examines how the Universe supports the principle of the ‘flow of life’.


 It also invites viewers to ‘cross the bridge’ and see what becomes visible when we look beyond the veil at what we’re moving into.
This is a visual witnessing as humanity quite literally is`coming of age'



This project has been guided & blessed through every step of it’s unfurling.  
May it continue to be so.


Om Shanti
Peace Peace Peace


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